Black and White drawing

$50.00 - $100.00

I will do a black and white drawing for you. The paper will be 5x7" or maybe a little bigger. The art will be black and white ink with gray marker tones. I may throw in a bit of spot color if it makes sense. There may be a tiny amount of white-out on there somewhere too.

I charge less for art of my own characters because they live in my head and I draw them constantly. See the images for drawings of my characters.

You can let me know which characters you want in the notes of your order. Please allow a couple weeks for me to get the art done and ship.

There is no review or approval process for these drawings. Hopefully you will like what you get!

One or two of Meeting Comics characters: $30
One or two characters from comics or animation that aren't mine: $55
One character from a live action tv show / movie, etc or a drawing of you (Be aware I'm terrible at likenesses): $80