Meeting Comics #21: WHERE THE RENT WENT



The twenty-first issue of Meeting Comics by Andrew Neal!
5.5" x 5.5". 32 pages plus cover.
Full color cover, B&W interiors.

It's 1996. Val Cannon comes home from her crummy job just in time to play a house show with her band, Titty Blüd, and learns that one of her five roommates has stolen that month's rent money. All in one night, she has to perform in a punk band, deal with assorted drama, and find out WHERE THE RENT WENT.

Just to be clear: This is technically the 21st issue of my ongoing comic series, Meeting Comics, but it's completely self-contained. You can read this issue without ever having read an issue of Meeting Comics before.

From reviews of this issue:

“Where the Rent Went is full of excellent characters, a solid plot, and art that is just dreamy. The chaos of the house, the shows, and the characters is highlighted by Neal’s dynamic use of patterns, texture, and lettering.”
– Sidney Drmay, Broken Pencil Magazine

“Andrew Neal’s evolution as a cartoonist in his Meeting Comics strip has been fascinating to watch. He transformed it from an inchoate series of gag panels to an absurd but fully fleshed-out narrative chock full of complex, layered characters.”
– Rob Clough, High Low

“…the most tasteful drawing of a penis I have ever seen.”
– Rick V, Razorcake

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