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Meeting Comics Volume One ORIGINAL ART EDITION


This is a copy of MEETING COMICS: THE BOOK from Adhouse Books with original art in it. This is a bargain, because I am selling the books at or below the price that I would sell just the art on its own!

Would you like a unique copy of Meeting Comics volume one with a piece of original art inside? Well, I've got you covered.

Currently available:
A: Watercolor of Val in her classic green striped sweater.
B: Watercolor of Val in a floral cutout jumpsuit.
C: Watercolor of Val in a zippered blue jumpsuit.
D: Collage / mixed media of Val in a dress made from Meeting Comics packing tape (ink, marker, watercolor, lined notebook paper, packing tape, mailing label, two-color stamp). The collage covers the first draft of a drawing I did for someone which I completely wrecked! Sometimes it goes that way.

NOTE: I take these to comic shows and change this listing when I sell one. On the off chance that you order one while I am at a show and I have already sold it, I will contact you to see if you'd like a different one or if you want me to cancel your order.

And here's the book information:

This collects the first six issues of Meeting Comics, which I self-published. There are a few alterations from the pages in the minis; this is the final version.

160 pages. 144 pages are black and white, then there's a 16-page color section featuring the minicomic covers, promotional art, and more. There's an introduction written by Ben Passmore (My Black Friend, Daygloayhole, BTTM FDRS). It's 6 inches square. It's $14.95. What a deal!

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