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Meeting Comics #26: NEXUS OF EXES Special Edition WITH DRAWING


Due to the fact that I have to draw on the cover, there may be a delay in shipping of up to a couple weeks. I'll contact you after you order so you can email me reference photos.

The twenty-sixth issue of Meeting Comics by Andrew Neal!
5.5" x 5.5". 32 pages plus cover.
Full color cover, B&W interiors.

Did you miss out on the chance to appear as one of Val's exes in this comic? Well, you have one more chance. This special edition of NEXUS OF EXES has a blank photo on the cover, and I'll draw you and Val in there! See the second image for an idea of what that might look like!

This will be pretty tame. Just you and Val hanging out. If you want something slightly more risque, contact me before you buy.

The regular edition of the cover will be printed in full inside.


Val has a weekend full of exes. She accompanies Don to his ex-wife's funeral, has a rendexvous with her ex-huband Derwood, and stumbles upon a convention of her exes, 28 of which are portrayed by real life Meeting Comics readers!

29 pages of comics, 3 pages of notes, sketches, etc, plus color covers (interior and exterior!

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